Cold Drawn Steel Wire

Spring Steel Wire..

We proudly offer a diverse selection of cold drawn steel wire ranging from 0.70 mm to 5.00 mm in diameter. With coil weights varying from 50 kg to 700 kg, our products are specifically crafted to meet the highest quality standards

To ensure the highly protection during transportation, our steel wire is carefully packaged. Each shipment is securely bound with core cardboard steel straps and covered with a special material.

This meticulous packaging process protect the wire from any potential damage caused by unfavorable external conditions. With our commitment to excellence and attention to details, you can trust that our cold drawn steel wire will meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional performance.

Steel Wire..

Technical Specifications..

  • High carbon steel wire for mattress spring (Bonnell, Pocket and Special products) in addition to wire border.

  • Raw material: AISI 1060,1065,1070&1075.

  • Wire diameter: 1.20mm-5.00mm.

  • Tensile strength 1250 – 1880 MPa customizable.

High Carbon Steel Wire..

Medium carbon steel wire for helical..

  • Raw material: AISI 1042&1045.

  • Wire diameter: 1.30mm&1.40mm.

  • Tensile strength 1650 – 2000 MPa customizable.

Special wire with high tensile up to 2300 MPa..


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