Bonnell Spring

Bonnell Spring Chassis

Bonnell spring chassis is the most widely used spring interior for mattresses and sitting groups in the world. Complete with the latest technology production machinery and equipment.

And about Bonnell spring specifications: Bonnell spring diameter is for 75mm-94mm and with 70-180 height, the dimension of it is up to 2000x2000mm with 4-5-6 turns.

Bonnell Spring

Technical Specifications..

  • Helical Wire diameter 1.30 mm – 1.50 mm

  • Coils per m2 100- 225 unit

  • Bonnell spring end ring Ǿ 62mm – 95 mm

  • Bonnell spring wire diameter 1.80 mm – 2.40 mm

  • Bonnell spring turns 4-7 turns

  • Bonnell spring height 70 – 210 mm

  • Frame: round wire4.5–5mm

  • Packing: press packed (with frame 15 – 25 unit per pallet pack or roll packed without frame 5 -15 unit per roll).


Management system

Management System

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