Bonnell Spring

Bonnell Spring..

Introducing the Bonnell Spring, a classic choice for innerspring mattresses. Known for its traditional design, the Bonnell coil features an hourglass shape, wider at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle. These coils are interconnected with a mesh of metal, creating a reliable and resilient spring system.

The Bonnell spring has been a popular choice for mattresses throughout the 20th century. Well known for its durability and exceptional support, this spring system has stood the test of time in providing comfortable and long-lasting sleep surfaces.

Bonnell Spring

Technical Specifications..

  • Helical Wire diameter 1.30 mm – 1.50 mm

  • Coils per m2 100- 225 unit

  • Bonnell spring end ring Ǿ 62mm – 95 mm

  • Bonnell spring wire diameter 1.80 mm – 2.40 mm

  • Bonnell spring turns 4-7 turns

  • Bonnell spring height 70 – 210 mm

  • Frame: round wire 3.5–5mm

  • Packing: press packed (with frame 15 – 25 unit per pallet pack or roll packed without frame 5 -15 unit per roll).


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Management System

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