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Micro Pocketed Spring..

The Micro Pocketed Spring is an innovative and advanced technology used in the manufacturing of mattresses and bedding products. This type of spring system consists of individually wrapped coils that are smaller in size compared to traditional mattress springs. Each coil is encased in a fabric pocket, allowing them to move independently and provide targeted support to different areas of the body.

The Micro Pocketed Spring offers several benefits to enhance sleep quality and comfort. Firstly, its individual coil design helps to minimize motion transfer, ensuring that any movement on one side of the mattress does not disturb the other. This makes it an ideal choice for couples or light sleepers.

Micro Pocketed Spring..

Technical Specifications..

  • Pocket spring diameter from 35 mm to 75 mm

  • Pocket spring wire diameter 1,20 mm – 2.20mm

  • Coils /m2: 200 – 700 unit (depends on customer demand).

  • Height from 50 mm to 210 mm

  • Non-woven fabric encased from 70mg till 100 mg.

  • Packed in form of rolls from 5 to 10 units per pack.

  • The coil is treated against rust and corrosion.

  • Zones strats from 3 zones – 5 zones – 7 Zones and 11 Zones.


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Management System

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