Pocketed Spring Bags

Pocketed Spring..

The Pocket Spring system is renowned for its incomparable comfort, support, and versatility. Each spring is meticulously encased in a supple and breathable non-woven fabric starts from 70 gm till 100 gm and more , guaranteeing minimal movement transfer and disturbance for both you and your partner. The independent motion of each spring allows for personalized support that effortlessly conforms to the unique contours and movements of your body.

What truly sets pocket coils apart is their remarkable adaptability to meet virtually any specification and comfort preference. They can be arranged in various configurations, either stacked or layered together. Additionally, since each coil is individually wrapped, the height of the coils can differ within a single row, providing even more opportunities for customization.

To further enhance their durability and strength, our core unit coils undergo stress-relieving treatments such as heat or electricity tempering. This meticulous process ensures that the coils maintain a consistent level of resilience and improved

Support characteristics, ultimately resulting in an exceptionally comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Barrel shape & cylindrical shape

Pocketed Spring..

Technical Specifications..

  • Pocket spring diameter from 35 mm to 75 mm

  • Pocket spring wire diameter 1,20 mm – 2.20mm

  • Coils /m2: 200 – 700 unit (depends on customer demand).

  • Height from 50 mm to 210 mm

  • Non-woven fabric encased from 70mg till 100 mg.

  • Packed in form of rolls from 5 to 10 units per pack.

  • The coil is treated against rust and corrosion.

  • Zones strats from 3 zones – 5 zones – 7 Zones and 11 Zones.


Management system

Management System

Health and Safety Management system.

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