Furniture Accessories

Zig zag Spring System..

You can order our furniture-grade zig zag spring systems, which we produce from high-carbon wires, in the desired thickness and height according to your needs.

We manufacture your custom products in both drawn and non-drawn forms, based on your specifications, and are ready to deliver them in roll packages.

Zig zag Spring System



  • Our standard system (> 20 waves / metre).

  • Ultimate springiness for seat and back.

Furniture Accessories

Double M (Butterfly) Edge Guard

Generally, an extra component added to the edge of the mattress to give support on the side.

Chassis Support

Double M (Butterfly) Edge Guard

Technical Specifications..

  • Wire gauge : 2.8 – 4.0 mm

  • Arm Length : 23 - 33 cm


Management system

Management System

Health and Safety Management system.

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